Frequently Asked Questions

It is completely free to call 116- you do not need airtime. All you need to do is to make sure that your phone is fully charged and that you are in a place with good/clear telecom network coverage.

We work all over the country because we receive calls from all over the country.

We work with a number of partners-both government and non-government; including LCs, Community development officers (CDOs), probation and social welfare officers (PSWOs), the police, etc. we also work with community volunteers such as para social workers, VHTs, etc. We will get you assistance depending on the nature of the case that you will have reported.

Anyone (whether adult or child) with a case of child abuse or GBV to report, can call the helpline. Whether you are male or female, you can call the helpline and you will be assisted accordingly

Sauti is a Kiswahili word that means voice. It is also easy for the children to remember. We are the voice of the voiceless- especially children

Our counselors speak a variety of local languages. When you call the counselor may speak English but you can request to speak in a local language of your choice.

Our offices are located in Kireka at Kireka Rehabilitation Center in Wakiso district

The helpline works 24/7/365. That is, it is open all year round including public holidays and any time of the day or night.

You can report the case to your area LC or the Community Development Officer or Probation and Social Welfare Officer. If you are a child, you can ask an adult or a neighbor who has a phone to help you call or to allow you use their phone to call 116. Just remind them that it is free of charge.

No we do not pay school fees for any children but when you report such a need to us, we will look around for an organization that can offer you that kind of support. We may also direct you to work with the probation and social welfare officer or the community development officer of your area, to help you identify any such agency.

We work on all issues of child abuse (violence against children) and it does not matter whether the child is a boy or a girl. We also handle issues of gender based violence (GBV) regardless of whether it is a man or a woman who needs help.

No we do not provide shelter and other basic needs but we work with organizations that do such work and can refer you to them for those services. We may also direct you to work with the probation and social welfare officer or the community development officer of your area, to help you identify any such agency.

No we do not arrest perpetrators because that is the role of the police. We therefore work with the police to arrest them if necessary. We however offer counseling services perpetrators if they need them.

We have one national call center. We do not have regional offices or branches but we work with the probation officers in the various districts to get help to the people that require it. We also work with LCs and community development officers and the police.

Use the following platforms:

  • U-report-send SMS for free to 8500
  • SafePal- download the app in google play store.
  • Facebook: sauti 116 Uganda Child Helpline
  • Email:
  • Walk to the center in Kireka, Wakiso district
  • Twitter: @sauti116

At the helpline, we value confidentiality; never at any one time do we disclose to the abuser who the reporter is.

We believe every case is unique and requires specific attention, therefore there is no standardized time in which a case will be worked on. What the helpline guarantees is that your case shall be handled as per the available information provided by the reporter and the specific needs of the case and you will receive feedback accordingly.

Ring the helpline and provide this new information, the case will be reopened.

UCHL is a project in the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development. Services are delivered through collaborative partnerships between government, private sector and non-governmental organizations.

Try again or if you are near, walk to the offices in Kireka or use the systems on ground i.e.. LC, police, probation officer, CDO, etc or leave us a voice message (voicemail) and we will call you back.

No, but they can reach us via email, Facebook, Twitter or use the SafePal app.

There is no need to become an agent but what you can do is to tell others about it (Sauti) and encourage them to use it. You benefit by knowing that you helped improve someone’s life when they call and are helped.